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December 16, 2018

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Moving to Berlin


After the fall of the Wall in 1989, the Bundestag, on 20th June 1991, votes with a narrow majority of 337 against 320 to move to Berlin. Parliament and parts of the Government take up their work in Berlin in 1999. The Berlin - Bonn Act of 1994 determines that Bonn will be the second political centre of Germany with the title of ‘Federal City’. 6 of the 15 ministries remain here. The Federal President and the Federal Chancellor retain a second official seat in Bonn. Over 20 federal institutions and organisations, such as the Federal Cartel Office and the Federal Audit Court, are transferred to Bonn from Berlin and Frankfurt, respectively. Numerous international organisations establish their headquarters here. Bonn becomes the United Nations City. The former office building of the Members of Parliament and some adjacent buildings have been transformed into a UN Campus. It comprises presently (2011) the headquarters of 18 agencies of the United Nations of which the World Climate Secretariat (UNFCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is the most important.

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