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October 24, 2018

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Separatists and the First Autobahn


World War I, massive inflation and the Great Depression cause severe hardship also in Bonn. The boom is over. Unemployment and food shortage prevail. In 1920, British occupation is relieved by French troops, staying until 1926. Separatists, under protection by France, undertake an attempt to detach the Rhineland from the German State und occupy the Town Hall in September 1923. The conflict comes to a head in what is known as the ‘Separatist Battle at the Siebengebirge’, after which the spook is over. In May 1926, Bonn celebrates demonstratively the millennium jubilee of the Rhineland being part of the German nation. Germany’s first motorway is inaugurated between Bonn and Cologne in August 1932.

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