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January 21, 2019

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Tit for Tat


A key event is the construction of Bonn´s first Rhine bridge which is inaugurated in 1898. Annoyed because the location of the bridge disregards their shipyard, the municipality of Beuel on the opposite bank of the river refuses to contribute even a single penny. So, grudgingly, the Bonners alone have to bear the full cost of the largest arc bridge of the time. In revenge, a small stone figure nicknamed ‘Bröckemännche’ (‘Bridge Manikin’) in the eastern pier of the bridge sticks its naked posterior towards the inhabitants of Beuel. It goes down in the floods together with the entire bridge in World War II. Although later recovered it was replaced by a copy - and now its bottom points upriver towards Frankfurt which was defeated by Bonn in the struggle for the position of Federal Capital.

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