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December 17, 2018

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Under Prussian Rule


The Congress of Vienna assigns the Rhineland to Prussia. Britain has a hand in this as she has a strong interest in keeping France at bay by a strong neighbour. The Rhinelanders are not overly enthusiastic. The Cologne banker Schaffhausen expresses their feelings in his own words, ‘Jesus and Mary, we are indeed marrying into a poor family’. At any rate, the (protestant) Prussians lead Bonn and the entire (catholic) Rhineland into an era which by then has become more enlightened. The university is re-founded, the ‘Royal Museum of National Antiquities’ (now ‘Rheinisches Landesmuseum’ - Museum of the Rhineland) and the regional mining authority are established in Bonn, the town is connected to the railway network, virtues like discipline and thriftiness are reinforced - not all was bad that the Prussians brought.

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