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Napoleon Falls off his Horse


Napoleon visits Bonn in 1804 for the first time. He lodges in the Belderbuscher Hof where the opera is located today. He is in a rush to inspect the walls and gates of the town to see if they could be once again turned into fortifications. He rides to the Kreuzberg, and then gallops around the town. A bad mishap occurs to him in the Vogtsgasse, a narrow alley sloping steeply down towards the Rhine. His white horse trips, and the Emperor tumbles forward. An accident seems inevitable - had not one of his generals gripped him with a quick hand. Hardly back in the saddle, Napoleon, still pale, turns to his rescuer, asking him: ‘Can Bonn be converted into a fortress’? The general, knowing the superstitious leanings of the Corsican, replies, ‘No, Sire, it does not seem advisable.’ Napoleon returns in 1811, taking a salute of his troops in the Poppelsdorfer Allee.

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