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October 18, 2018

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War about a Love Affair


The origin of the conflict is an affair of the Elector Gebhard Truchsess of Waldburg with a canoness by the name of Agnes of Mansfeld. Legend has it that the magician Hieronimo Scotti had shown the beautiful lady to the Elector in a mirror. It is an open question whether or not he was really willing to marry her. It is certain, however, that her brothers see sufficient reason to firmly admonish him to do so. At any rate, Gebhard is not prepared to relinquish his office as Archbishop-Elector which, due to the prerequisite of celibacy, is the inescapable consequence of marriage. Instead, he is prepared to fight for his territory. On 19 December, 1582, Gebhard declares his conversion to the Protestant faith. He marries Countess Agnes on 2nd February, 1583, in the house named ‘Zum Rosenthal’ (Rose Valley) in today’s Acherstrasse. A hurried wedding banquet takes place the following day in the tavern ‘Zur Blomen’ (The Flower), today named ‘Em Höttche’, next to the Old Town Hall in the Market Square. Bride and groom leave town, and war breaks out.

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