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October 20, 2018

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Godesburg Castle Destroyed by Gun Powder Mine


In 1525, the chancellery of the archbishop is transferred from Brühl to Bonn. The Electors themselves sojourn at Bonn ever more often. This has disastrous consequences: the Cologne - or Truchsessian - War subjects the Bonners once again to the whims of licentious mercenaries. Bavarian troops besiege Bonn and blow up Godesburg Castle by means of 1,500 pounds of gunpowder on the 17th December, 1583. Allegedly they gain access to the castle through its latrine. The Elector’s castle at Poppelsdorf is also laid in ruins. Bonn’s occupation changes three times, and three times it is pillaged. At long last, Gebhard, who has converted to the protestant belief, gives up.

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