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The Town Grows Around the Minster


A roofed hall is built above the presumed graves of Cassius and Florentius in the 6th century, followed by a first church around 780. A new church is erected in 1050. Gerhard von Are, the ingenious Bonn provost (died in 1169) has this church extended into the present basilica with its magnificent cloister. The buildings of the chapter of Saint Cassius, which under Gerhard’s leadership turns into a major factor of power in the Rhineland, are part of it. Gerhard’s ancestral seat was the Castle of Are above the town of Altenahr in the Ahr River Valley. The Minster and the chapter buildings are the core around which the town continues to grow while the Roman heritage in the northern part of Bonn suffers inexorable decay.

On the right bank of the river, the collegiate chapter of Vilich plays an increasingly important role from the late 10th century onwards. There is indeed quite a number of significant monasteries that are founded in and around Bonn in the course of the centuries, for instance on the Kreuzberg, in the Marienforster Tal, at Schwarzrheindorf or at Heisterbach in the Siebengebirge hills.

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