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A French Touch


Neanderthal man, camp of a Roman legion, the medieval and early modern chapter church of Saint Cassius and the minster basilica, residence of a Prince Elector, royal university town, democratic centre of the Federal Republic of Germany, United Nations City - Bonn’s journey through the centuries and millennia is a thrilling book. Beethoven’s birthplace, Napoleon’s town, Prussia’s glory, political arena of Konrad Adenauer, first Chancellor of post-war Germany. Besieged, ransacked, pillaged, bombed, risen from destruction. Princely splendour and severe strokes of fate. Events both moving and motive. Colourful episodes and hard facts. In short, a city full of history and stories.

Bonn ranks no doubt in the top level of the cities on the Rhine with a rich tradition. And the ups and downs of the past have left their imprint on its people. Bonners are staunch Rhinelanders, with a slight French touch, open to novelty, and cosmopolitan. They like life carefree and cheerful. ‘Bonna solum felix’, a 16th century saying praised the town, ‘Bonn, you fortunate soil’.

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