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Education Guide


On the basis of the education legislation of the regional state of North-Rhine Westphalia, the Education Guide (Schulwegweiser) gives information on general education, vocational training schools and second-chance education institutions in the Federal City of Bonn, as to their educational objectives, admission criteria and the final exams to achieve.
The Education Counselling Service (Bildungsberatungsstelle) endeavours to develop a multilingual online platform. In the case of conflicting meanings between language versions, the German version prevails.

Education Guide - Part 1 (General Information)
URL: ulen/online_bildungsberater/02867/index.html?lang=en

The educational system in the Federal Republic of Germany; International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 1997); School in North Rhine Westphalia; Compulsory school attendance; Language(s) of instruction.

Education Guide - Part 2 (General Education Schools)
URL: ulen/online_bildungsberater/02868/index.html?lang=en
Education Guide - Part 3 (Vocational education and training)
URL: ulen/online_bildungsberater/02869/index.html?lang=en
Education Guide - Part 4 (Quaternary education: general and vocational education)
URL: ulen/online_bildungsberater/02870/index.html?lang=en
Education Guide - Part 5 (Annex)
URL: ulen/online_bildungsberater/02871/index.html?lang=en

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Contact to the Education Counselling Service (Bildungsberatungsstelle)
URL: ste_online/buergerservice_a_z/00372/index.html?lang=de
School and education problems
URL: ulen/schul_bildungsfragen/index.html?lang=de
Schools in Bonn
URL: ulen/schulen_im_netz/index.html?lang=de

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